The real strength of our institution lies in its strong team of highly qualified, competent, dedicated and committed faculty who constantly endeavor to upgrade and update their knowledge, skills and qualifications. The management is very supportive of its faculty, and has encouraged its teachers to pursue research and participate in seminars, workshops, and symposiums at the state, national and international levels.

Teachers who wish to pursue research are granted two years’ paid leave. Financial awards are announced for those who publish research papers in standard national and international journals. Many departmentsm like Commerce, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Social Work, have taken up research projects in collaboration with external agencies.

Teachers at Dr B R Ambedkar College (UG& PG) believe that learning does not begin and end in the classroom. In addition to conventional classroom sessions, a number of innovative methods supported by IT are applied to aid comprehension and learning. Role plays, presentations and specific skill tests are used to test different aspects of learning. The use of projectors for visual display is common. In addition, guest lectures by experts emphasize the relevance of what is taught in the classroom.

S.No. Name of the Teaching Staff Educational Qualification Department Experience
1Smt.P.AnuradhaM.Com., M.Phil & M.EdPRINCIPAL29 years
2Dr.M.BhavaniMA., M.Phil., Ph.DCommerce17 years
3Smt.J.AnnapurnaM.Com., M.Phil., MBA .,Commerce11 years
4Smt.VinodiniM.Com.,Commerce10 years
5Sri.A.VenuM.Com. (Ph.D)Commerce6 years
6Sri.KomraiahM.Com, ICWA( Inter)Commerce6 years
7Smt.GreeshimaM.Com.Commerce2 years
8Smt.Yaseem SultanaM.ComCommerce2 years
9Sri.N.Kumara SwamyM.Com.Commerece6 years
10Sri.K.RaviM.Com.Commerece3 years
11Smt.M.KavithaM.Com.Commerece2 years
12Miss.T.V.AnandamaiMCAComputer Science11 years
13Smt.LathaMCAComputer Science4 years
14Sri.S.Vinod KumarMCAComputer Science3 years
15Lt.M.PandarinathMAEconomics17 years
16Dr .M.ShekarMA., M.Phil., Ph.D. MBA , LL.B , NET, SETEconomics14 years
17Smt.P.Prasuna SundariM.AEconomics1 years
18Sri.Kishore RajuM.A,English5 years
19Smt.J.S.HarinakshiM.A.,( M.Phil.) MA(Pol.Sc.)Englsih22 years
20Dr.SrilaxmiM.A, Ph.D.Hindi20 years
21Smt.SrividyaM.Sc.Mathematics10 years
22Sri.VenkatappaMA , M. P.EdPhysical Education2 years
23Sri.N.Hari KumarM.Sc., B.EdPhysics7 years
24Smt.KalyaniM.Sc.Physics5 years
25Sri.B.SridharMA., B.Ed.(Ph.D)Political Science6 years
26Smt.J.S.Shashi RekhaMAPolitical Science19 years
27Dr.Vijender KumarMA., Ph.DPublic Admin30 years
28Dr.S.VenkateshM.A.,Ph.D.Public Admin5 years
29Dr L..Savithri Devi M.A., Ph.DSanskrit6 years
30Smt.B.PravalikaM.ATelugu2 years
31Sri.N.VenkateshM.Sc.,(Ph.D)Chemistry5 years