Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the oldest disciplines in the college. It was popular right from its inception, attracting students of high calibre. Over the years, it has gained an impressive reputation, as most of its alumnae have progressed to various institutions in India as well as abroad, to pursue their higher education. Many of its alumnae also occupy respectable positions in the government sector and the private sector. Some of them are officers in the IAS, the IPS and IRS, while some others have risen to senior positions in various multinationals.

Classroom lessons are supplemented with interactive sessions. “Extension lectures” by eminent practitioners are organized throughout the year, by all departments. Modern teaching tools, including OHPs and LCD screens, are used to aid the staff in presenting topics. Various assignments and projects are given to students to enrich the learning experience. Along with regular tests and the Internal Assessment, students are tested for their practical and creative skills. Students are assessed based on their participation in role-play sessions, field trips, exhibitions, individual and group presentations, case studies, book reviews and mini projects.

Bridge courses are conducted for helping slow learners and first-generation learners.

Every year, students who stand first and second in every class are given General Proficiency Prizes on College Day.

The college offers various Student Aid Scholarships, of which some are specifically for deserving students in B.A.