FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this college affiliated to Open University? No. It is affiliated to Osmania University.

I am already working. Can I take admission? Yes, but you have to attend full time. You have to stop working. No permission is given for part attendance.

I am preparing for competitive exams. Can I take admission? Yes. You can. But you have to attend at least 75% of the classes.

What will happen if I take admission and don’t attend classes in the first semester? Your admission is cancelled. You have to reimburse the loss of the revenues from one seat which you took and did not attend.

Does this college organize Job Fairs? Yes. It does. 27 companies participated in the last Job Fair held in August 2018.

Does this college offer courses in distance education/correspondence course mode? No. This is a full time, full attendance course. 75% attendance is mandatory.

Does the college have biometric attendance system? Yes. It does have Biometric Attendance System.

Can fee be paid in instalments? It can be paid in two instalments before end of 1st semester for the first year and before end of 3rd semester for the second year.

Does your college give marks without actually writing exams? No.

How do I know whether my attendance is properly recorded or not? Take a look at the weekly attendance reports. Keep a diary of your attendance.

Does this college give training in Digital Marketing? Yes. It does.

Can I come late to the college? No. College gates are closed at 9.00 a.m.

Is there dress code in force in the college? Yes. You have to wear the uniform.


Does the college give uniform? No, students have to make their own arrangements.

How to complain about the problems I encounter in the college life? Use suggestion boxes. Or, register your grievance in the Grievance Redress System on the college website.

Does college give ID cards? Yes. After government approves your admission.

Am I eligible for scholarship? Yes, if the Higher Education authorities say so in the admission letter.

Am I eligible for TS RTC bus pass? Yes. You are eligible from day one.