What food to eat?

25th Jan 2019 03:10 PM

What Foods to Eat? Dr. Appalayya Meesala

Energy comes from the food that we eat. But, unfortunately, there are certain foods which we are used to because of their taste but not because of their contribution to our health.

The following foods are harmful to our health. Rice and Wheat ( Yes. You are reading it right). These two have very little fibre in them which slows digestion. That apart, intolerable amount of sugar is quickly released into blood stream.

Better avoid the following foods.

(1)   Wheat (2) Rice (3) Sugar (4) Milk, coffee, and tea (5)Ice cream and chocolates (6) nonvegetarian food including eggs, meat, and fish.

What are the best foods to eat? : Foods made of (1) Foxtail millets (2) Little millets (3) Barnyard millets (4) Brown-top millets and (5) Kodo millets.

If you want to live longer without health problems, you have to take care of the following. (1) Right food (2) Good exercise (3) Good sleep (4) Peaceful mind.

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