Alumni Network of Dr.BR Ambedkar Educational Institutions allows continue interaction between alumni, Students, Staff members and the Management. With a motive of improving student’s excellence and can stay in touch.

Our Vision:

 To enrich the Alumni Network and to make them more amicable, a network is formed which will increase alumni awareness about current campus activities, needs and success stories. We look forward to contributions from alumni worldwide. We always look forward to initiate, nurture and sustain engagement with alumni as active partners in the Institute’s pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission:

The Alumni Network seeks to reach, serve and engage all its alumni and students; to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the college and its graduates; and to provide the Institute with goodwill and support.

Our objectives:

1. Bring “SMILE” on the faces of our alumni.

2. Recognize academic, professional and other achievements of the alumni.

3. Develop shared engagement strategies aligned with campus, and college priorities and shared services that assist with the work of campus.

4. Create awareness about important social issues and help develop a sense of social responsibility amongst alumni, students and the society, through various activities.

5. Nurture linkages amongst the alumni and encourage friendly relations through meetings, tours etc.

6. Organize programs for the entertainment and enjoyment of the members of the Network provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on career, cultural and social issues.

7. Facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute towards improvement of infrastructure for all round development of the current students of the Campus.